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The OurStage Radio app allows you to find the newest indie artists out there without having to sift through all the Top 40 fluff currently out there. Simply select which genres of music turn you on or turn you off and the app will play music based on the preferences you selected. You also have the ability to rate music on a scale of three thumbs up to three thumbs down, and it narrows down the music until it's honed in on the music that you love the most. Another feature of the app includes a social networking component that combines ratings from OurStage users to give you the latest and greatest indie music out there. You have the option of creating an account which is free of charge, but one is required if you wish to save your music listening preferences.

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OurStage Radio offers an exciting way to discover new music through your iPhone. Featuring the best music from new artists in country, rap, rock, pop and many other music genres, OurStage Radio is your mobile window to the monthly OurStage battle of the bands where artists compete and music fans decide who is the best. Important Note: This App does not play music from the historical catalogues of the major labels. It is dedicated to the very best new music from artists of all types: unsigned, independent, and major label. Unfortunately, many users have downloaded the app looking for major label hits of yesteryear - and end up deleting the app - complaining that they cannot find them. OurStage is all about the hits of tomorrow - not the hits of yesterday. Pandora dictates what songs you should like, Last.fm doesnt give indie artists a big enough spotlight and AOL Radio feeds you the same music you can find anywhere else. OurStage Radio changes everything about how you find music on the go. OurStage hosts thousands of fresh new artists so you can be the first to find the next Sarah Bareilles or Eric Hutchinson. To get started, pick your favorite music genre in the discover tab and start listening. As OurStage feeds you new music, use the "thumbs-up" and "thumbs-down" feature to tell us what you like. As you start to identify your favorites, OurStage will start to develop personalized recommendations. Look in the "Recommended" tab to find your personal recommendations and further specialize your list by identifying your genre preferences. What is OurStage? OurStage is a music discovery destination dedicated to new artist and new music discovery. On OurStage, artists, fans and industry professionals all come together to discover, judge, & enjoy the best new music and the best new artists online as ranked by the fans in the company's proprietary, game-proof judging engine. Users are able to discover top ranked, categorized music without having to search through thousands of songs. Top-ranked artists receive significant career-building promotion and support from established artists, industry professionals, and a broad assortment of partners, including T-Pain, Drake, Bon Jovi, John Mayer, Lilith 2010 (Lilith Fair), HANSON, John Legend, MTV, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot, PLUG Awards, Newport Folk Festival, JVC Jazz Festival Newport, Paste Magazine, CMJ, Noise Pop, and many others.

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