Osplay Trial


by Aocate Inc.


Publisher's Description

Promotional version of Osplay with the following limitations: Audio stream periodically interrupted with advertisement for full version Limited of 20 track sets Limited of 50 different tracks played Speed adjustment limited to between 0.8 and 1.25 Notification at app start reminding that it is a trial version Any bookmarks or history you create with the trial version will be imported into the full version when you buy it. Save time by speeding up audiobooks or podcasts in MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format. (MP4 audio and WAV will play, but cannot be sped up.) Pitch maintained when an audiobook or podcast is made faster. Play entire albums, artists, playlists, or directories in order. Track position saved and restored between plays. Saves bookmarks and navigation history in or between files. Permissions: Access Network State: Used to detect airplane mode and not use Internet. Internet: Analytics, license validation. Read Phone State: Automatically pause when call received. Wake Lock: Keep CPU awake while playing audio.

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