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MP4SLS presents a Digital Long-Play app or DLP. This is a music playlist within an app. Cloud servers adapt audio playback according to bandwidth available to your player device.This means you'll get to listen to smooth, uninterrupted music delivered at the best audio fidelity your network can support.

Besides the superb sound tracks provided by Concord Music Group, Inc., don't miss out the accompanying track notes. They certainly helped us learn and better appreciate the performing artists and their wonderful music.

All music in this DLP used with permission from Concord Music Group, Inc and is available to music listeners until 31st December 2012

With DLPs, music lovers can access a vast catalog of high-quality music albums while on the move. No large downloads, no network interruptions, no monthly subscriptions. And most of all, an unprecedented standard for audiophile music up to 192kHz/24 bit


• Audiophile music quality - with DLPs, expect only the best. Your music is delivered in perfect clarity as the master recordings from the studio, up to 192kHz/24 bit

• No large downloads – unlike music tracks that are downloaded onto a user’s computer, DLP tracks are delivered to users on-the-fly

• No network interruptions – unlike current digital music formats, DLPs adapt to network bandwidth to deliver up to lossless quality and continuous playback, even in “offline” situations

• No monthly subscriptions – unlike current streaming music services, which music is only available for as long as you pay, access to DLPs is permanent and typically via a one-time purchase, much like buying a CD

• Discover and interact more - with built-in rich-media liner notes and integration to social media, discover more about your favorite band or artiste and share your comments with friends and fans alike

Powered by MPEG-4 SLS, OraStream automatically monitors and optimizes network bandwidth on your iOS device to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted and high-resolution streaming experience.

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