ooTunes Radio - Recording and Alarm Clock


by Oogli LLC


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Like Reggae? Listen to seven reggae stations in Jamaica. Classical? How about WFMT in Chicago, WGBH in Boston, Minnesota Public Radio, Radio Swiss in Bern or classical stations from Melbourne to Montreal, Strasbourg to Sydney? Choose by genre (150 of them): Blues to Bollywood, Rap to Ragtime, Salsa to SKA, Talk to Techno. Find by country or cities of the world. Eavesdrop all over the world on local discussions, news and talk: even police calls. Left or right, listen to either side blather. Whether local or pro, catch the big game live, wherever you are. As your favorite songs play, savor full-screen album art* sing along with the lyrics, bookmark for later, or pop over to watch it on YouTube, right in the app. Search and buy it right from iTunes. Automatic recording lets you hear it again and again. Radio RooLette: See what's playing on 100's of stations at once. Tap to listen. It's that easy. A great way to skip commercials, find new stations, or sample a variety of music.??Want to wake up to bedtime music from China? Set an alarm. Fall asleep listening, with a sleep timer. Record what you hear for a trip with no internet access. Find a song you hear on YouTube, all within one app. Are you a music junkie? Check out the ooTunes Server to get your 50,000 track iTunes library on your 8 GB iPhone. No other radio app has it all! College stations, Sirius/XM(Howard Stern and Oprah), Shoutcast, weather, police, fire, aircraft and emergency radio, Live365, or live professional hockey games. Jam to 1000's of live concerts your parents wouldn't let you attend from the Live Music Archive at archive.org. MP3 and AAC+ streams allow you to stream while using other apps, or use the app's own web browser to surf while you listen. Fast searches. Quick connections. Easy navigation using 'favorites,' 'recently played,' 'most played' or your own 'custom categories.'??Other Features: Record what you hear to listen again even with no internet; fall asleep listening with a built-in sleep timer; Set an alarm to wake up to your favorite station; Automatically resume last station on start-up; Automatically reconnect after network loss; See 'now playing' artwork, lyrics and similar tracks' Schedule to record in the middle of the night; Pause and resume live streams; Play many streams in the background; See what's playing right now on 100's of stations; Full VoiceOver support for the visually impaired

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