Ongaku Free


by Smashmouth Games


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This is a free flash version of the fantastical, music rhythm action game, Ongaku. Download the Ongaku web app, and if you like it... buy the full PC game here! Ongaku is a 2D rhythm action game combining an original score and stylised artwork. Players take the role of the magic crystal Ongaku and progress through the fantasy kingdom of Melody by popping paint bubbles in time to the music. If successfully popped, the paint bubbles reveal an artistic masterpiece, bringing the canvas to life with its unique artwork. There are endless possibilities with a wide range of new features to customise and share your experience: • Enjoy 11 brand new lusciously animated levels, each with their own new music theme • Auto-generate playable levels from your favourite music tracks, pictures or videos using the Tune-O-Matic • Discover you inner artist with the ability to import your favourite media and create your own levels using the Melody Maker • Share the levels you've created with your friends and see their creations • Five difficulty settings allow you to enjoy playing, whatever your level of expertise • Ever-growing collection of new downloadable Theme Packs available, including Pop, Rock, Dance and many more

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