by Martin de Haan


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We have created an awesome music service where you can play music against your friends, in a new and seriously exciting way. But it’s hard to explain ofthemuse in one sentence. To convince people to try it out. It’s actually more of a game than a website and with a game comes rules. Gameplay.

...rules of ofthemuse:

Players all join a party and the first two players get selected to become the DJs. All the other players join the queue to become the DJ later on in the party. The DJs create an awesome playlist with their muses. Both the DJs present a song and all the other players vote for the song they like most. The song with the most votes get played (in case of a tie a monkey randomly selects a winner).

When a DJ - we actually call this type of player a muser; one presenting the muses - when a muser wins three vote rounds, the other muser gets replaced by the next player in the queue. The next player becomes the muser. The musers both start at 0 won vote rounds again and the party continues!

The gameplay is a lot like turntable.fm and Soundrop, but in ofthemuse you are actually playing, competing and challenging each other. Not just waiting for your turn to play.


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