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MyStreamŽ is a device-to-device(s) music streaming technology enabling multiple users the ability to eliminate the cumbersome practice of sharing headphones or using a splitter in order to enjoy listening to music with a small or large group of friends. Music fans can wirelessly share music and audio files via Bluetooth or WiFi, the application promotes social community audio sharing with others and promotes music industry Artists, Albums and Songs and gives listeners a buy now link to iTunes for all streamed audio. MyStreamŽ users simply browse their library and select the songs or podcasts that they want to share with others. The interface is simply designed with minimal buttons and tabs. Utilizing our Live Streaming technology, users can listen to and simultaneously stream full songs synchronously with other users. Utilizing our MySound asynchronous technology, users can browse through another user’s MyPlaylist, select a song and listen to a 90-second clip. A “Buy” button appears on a listener’s device next to each song or podcast that is played for them. This button creates a direct and search-free link to the iTunes store to enable instant music purchases. General App Features Include: User can, create and set permissions and share profiles with other users in the mobile streaming network; Arrange and share full songs and 90 second sound clips of music from their MyStreamŽ playlists; Play songs locally using the applications custom player; Share active playing songs in real-time over WIFI & Bluetooth, streaming Audio with users in the network; View other users in network and see songs they are listening and sharing.

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