My DJ with Crossfade


by Scott Bedwell


Publisher's Description

My DJ creates a continuous stream of parts of your own music. It starts by playing a random part of a song from your own music library. Then, after a specified amount of time, the song will fade out and part of a new song will fade in. At any time, if you decide to continue listening to the entire current song, just tap the "Finish Song" button. My DJ can be used in this way to scan through your own songs audibly, much like one would scan through the stations of a radio then stop to listen to a whole song! My DJ can also be used to listen to entire songs with crossfade! Use the "Full Song" option in the Song Play Time setting. Extra Features Include: - Crossfade - Multitasking - Finish Song Button - Works with iPhone Physical Volume Buttons - Works with Multitasking Media Control buttons - Update your friends on Facebook and Twitter! - Retina display support

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