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A musical learning journey on your mobile device!

Anytime, Any Place, At your Pace!

We are inspired by music and the dimension it adds to our lives. We also appreciate the desire of like-minded enthusiasts who would like to learn various instruments or vocal styles, but either do not have the access to a proper training program or cannot find the time to go to one.

With this simple inspiration and in consultation with some of the best “Music Gurus” we designed a mobile application – Musiguru – to bring a great and fun music learning experience right into your hands. 

With Musiguru you get: 

A structured learning experience: We emulate the typical process of achieving various skill levels through a set of lessons. Each lesson encapsulates various phases – Listen to the Instruction, Practise the Lesson, Record your session and finally Review it to see how you are progressing. 

Learning Content

This app contains 

* The "Beginners Guide to Learning the Tabla", the module is a series of 10 tabla lessons for beginners by renowned tablist Guru Muthu Kumar. 

* "Tabla Basic Sounds", a short module to supplement the beginners guide focussing specifically on the right technique for the basic tabla sounds.

* "Simple Bhajans", a set of Bhajans in Kirtan style by Priya Kalyanpur 

* "Carnatic Vocals - Part 1" - the basics of Carnatic music starting with the Sarali Varasais by Mrs. Krishnaswamy.

"A Killer App!" -

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