MusicShake Remix - Jackson 5 - "ABC"


by Musicshake


Publisher's Description

The King of Pop lives again with Musicshake. Enjoy this unique and rare remix app that will bring back the legendary memories of Michael Jackson and Jackson 5. Yes, you can now create your own remixes of Jackson 5's "ABC" with your iPhone. Musicshake is the app that transforms you into an instant remix artist. Just shake, tap and listen - we'll take care of the rest for you. The intuitive interface makes remixing carols fun and easy. The Musicshake Remix - Jackson 5 "ABC" includes: -Michael Jackson's original "ABC" vocals for remix -Six different genres -Five different tracks (instruments) -One voice recording track -Instrument "preview" -10 spaces for saving and loading songs -"Endless Playlist" creates "ABC" remixes for you automatically -Post songs on Musicshake charts -Post songs on Facebook -Music chart to browse and listen to songs by other Musicshake artists -Works over 3G and Wi-Fi

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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $2.99 None

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