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Musicovery creates radio programmes that match the mood you want. Musicovery mood matrix displays 2 axes, from calm to energetic and dark to positive; by clicking and finetuning the position on the mood matrix you select the mood desired. By rating songs with “I like” and “I don’t like”, music programmes get personalised to your own taste. You can also search artists and create radios consisting of songs from similar artists. Through the settings screen (by clicking on your username), you can select your country, so that programmes include artists from your country. Premium/free There are 2 versions of the radio, Free or Premium. Premium features include: Hifi sound quality (instead of lofi sound quality); but when your mobile connection is insufficient (2,5G/Edge, 3G), you can switch to lofi (via the setting screen); listening to your favorite songs only; unlimited number of skips (skip=requesting next song) To get a Premium account, visit Musicovery site on:

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