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We like music-making apps that incorporate novel game functionality, like Isle of Tune, which lets you create generative music through Sim City-style town design. MusicBox's movable note blocks can be placed anywhere on-screen and are activated in pin-ball fashion when they make contact with falling balls (similar to Soundrop on iOS, MusicBox also lets you set the starting point of the balls). The free version is ad-free, or if you can put up with a few banners, you can grab the lite version for free. (To see this app in action, check out the video demo below.) review by Connor McKnight

Publisher's Description

Making music is easy with MusicBox.

Combine noteblocks in different patterns to create visually stunning representations of original scores, renditions of your favorite songs, or easily write songs of your own.

Any song can be created in an infinite number of ways making every creation unique.

MusicBox is an easy and fun way to make musical scores into visual art.

Create simple melodies or whole scores easily and watch your music come to life.

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