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MusicalEar is built on real music, over 200 compositions made especially for MusicalEar, with a specific pedagogic idea in mind.

You can create your on development path through the vast material in MusicalEar. Therefore, no matter if you are traditionally schooled or have always played by ear, and feel a need for ear training and putting into words what you hear and do - MusicalEar is for you.

You can start training by entering the Songs section and picking any of the genres of pop/rock, jazz, latin, song, folk music and classical music.

Or you decide to enter the material via Melody/Interval/Fourth, or Rhytm/Straightfeel/Triplets, or Harmony/Chord progressions, cadence/Primary and Secondary Triads.

Or you might want to enter the material through Exercises to target Choir Singing Exercises, or Sight Reading, or Chord Progressions? Or basic Tonailty Exercises? The possibilities are vast and you can develop your ear in many different ways with MusicalEar and design your own develoment path through the material, depending on your own needs and wants.


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Student rate of $109 and multi user package available. Free demo of complete application available for 15 days.
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