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** Share music with your friends, enhance your speakers!! **


SOFKA wants you to experience their new App, MUSIC SESSIONS. Get ready to enjoy playing music with friends like never before. 


Music Sessions lets you create a multi-speaker soundsystem between all connected devices. Users will create a "session", where they will pick songs in turns, to be played out on all devices in sync. Users will be rated by their peers, and one will be declared the winner of the session. 


Music Sessions works by streaming your music to everyone’s phone via Bluetooth or Wifi. (for best performance, have only one, bluetooth or wifi, turned on).




• Connect up to five devices

• Connect to Facebook

• Rate your friends song

• Accumulated score 

• Pick your color scheme

• Pass always - if you choose not to pick any songs you can always pass your turn

• Skip button - when all players press skip, the next song will play

• Playlist - create your playlist in advance to avoid wait times

• History - view the sessions song history


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