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by uTopia


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Automatically turns off the music when you fall asleep.

Fall asleep with your favorite music on. This App. automatically turns off the music when you fall asleep.

You no longer need to set times for the music to turn off.

How it works

This Timer. uses Android's accelerometer to monitor signals from your body while you lie on bed and checks if you are asleep.

When this Timer. finds you asleep, it will graudally decrease the volume untill the volume reaches zero. It is then when this App. turns the Music App off. 

This Timer. also resets the volume automatically, so there is no need for you to worry about resetting the volume back each time you use this Timer.

This Timer.'s strength & differentiated function:

* This App. Includes all the functions of music turning apps produced prior. So, the users may set time for the music to turn off.

* This Timer. automatically turns off the music after monitoring the users body movement.

- When the user enters deep sleep, this app turns off the music.

* Users are able to set sensitivity to measure their body movement when using Androids accelerometer

- Sensitivity can be set between 0-10

- Use test function to set sensitivity

* Music turns off after the volume decreases graudally

- Users are able to set the length of time it takes for the volume to reach zero

* This Timer. can kill any Music App. that follows Standard API

- Bugs, Melon, 4shared music, Naver Music, Cyworld Music, and more

* Minimum battery consumption

* Simple manipulation

* Detailed design

[Developer Info.]

- Developer : uTopia

- Designer : Banaml

- Maketer : La Lee

- E-mail:


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