Mulife Player


by CubeDivision


Publisher's Description

MuLife Player is a music player and visualisation application based on the concept of musical life— MuLife.

MuLife are digital life forms that are driven by music. The animated life forms feed off your music, when the music stops the life forms begin to fade…

Build a playlist from your existing music collection. MuLife Player can be used as a music player with the added feature of MuLife visualisation. Swipe between different MuLife patterns and control the intensity of the display interactively.

Main features include:

-Full access to music collection

-Adjust the detail level of visualisation

-Dynamic life pattern change

-Life pattern change on song change

-Dynamic colour change

-Swipe to change pattern

-Swipe to change intensity


Standard music player features include:

-Skip forwards/backwards

-Playlist re-ordering

-Random play

-Repeat play

-Background play

-Media player background controls

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