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The most stylish player for Android with visualization of your music-collection mufin player is a unique player, that offers great possibilities for music lovers to enjoy their tunes on Android devices. mufin player visualizes your music collection as an interactive map. Got a cool Droid but still a boring music player app installed? Here’s the fix. After analyzing the music on your device, mufin player knows the sound of each track, making it possible to precisely arrange them in a fresh and easy-to-use multi-touch interface. It’s like google maps for music on steroids – all in your pocket. Building playlists with mufin player is simple and fast: Play a song, tap the mufin button and let the player automatically find the perfect tracks to fit your mood in less than a second. What’s this cloud thing everyone’s talking about? Find out yourself and upload your favourite tracks to the cloud using the free mufin player for PC from to store your music centrally. You will be able to access your tracks from anywhere on any Android device and the web without syncing problems. No hassle – enjoy music. New: Analyzing your music now only requires an internet connection. No PC software needed. Key features: - navigate through your music collection visually in a way never before possible - take advantage of the intuitive multi-touch interface optimized for your Droid - build smart playlists based on sound recognition with a single fingertip - always find the right tune in a flash with the brand-new filtering feature - filter your tracks for albums or artists with a single fingertip to handle huge music collections After a free registration you additionally can: - listen to your favourite tracks you’ve uploaded to the cloud from anywhere - scrobble your music to Give it a whirl on your Android smartphone or Android Tablet.

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