mpRemocon for iTunes


by IoriAYANE


Publisher's Description

mpRemocon is iTunes remote control application on your PC. A theme is distributed with the other package. A search of the music is possible from reproduction control and a playlist of the music. You can copy music files to 'SD Card'. This is required server application. We can download it in developer web site. WiFi environment is required. /// Attention /// The version up of the server application is necessary. /// News /// You can transport music files and synchronize playlist in your phone. I began distribution of the prototype of server application for Mac. /// Main Features /// -Current music info ??Track name ??Artist ??Album ??Playlist name ??Player position(remain/now/total time) ??Album artwork -Current playlist view ??Playing track is Playing track is pointed. -Command ??Play / Pause / Stop ??Next / Prev ??Shuffle (On/Off) ??Repeat (1 music / All / Off) ??Volume adjust (Hard key control.) ??Mute (On/Off) -Search ??The list of the playlist. ??The list of the category every playlist. ??A list of the music every category. -Copy ??You transport music files. ??You transport music add playlist in your phone. ??It synchronize with a playlist of iTunes with the playlist of your phone. -Others ??Shut down of your PC. ??A sleep timer function. ??Theme ??function to search a server

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