Morphyre Music Visualizer


by Morphyre


Publisher's Description

One of the best Music Visualizations for Mac and PC has just gone mobile!

You get the same amazing graphics and the same features as Morphyre Personal Extra - just with a smaller screen and a smaller price tag!

Visualize Music from a Microphone, whatever is playing on your Android device, or just have the graphics respond to a simulated beat. Change the type of graphics displayed, and apply stunning after-effects such as Strobe, Radial Blur, or Kaleidoscope.

Please note:

While Morphyre for Android should run on any GLES2-enabled device, you will need an Android device produced in the last year in order to produce fluid, full-resolution graphics.


Morphyre requires permissions for internet and load on startup for the 'Device Mode', where it can display new graphics that you design on our website. These are not used by default.

* Some music players apply filters to the music they play, and so do not allow visualizations to react to the sounds they produce. If you have one of these, you will have to disable filters (if you can), use one of the many other Music players available for Android, or set up Morphyre to use the Microphone for sound reactivity.


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