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A beat-making app that features real-time synthesis of drum sounds that range from TR-808 style to real. As a synth and not sampler, sound characteristics can be tweaked from authentic to affected.


MoDrum for iOS is a virtual analog drum machine with a 32-step grid sequencer, plenty of sound-sculpting parameters, a tempo-matching delay effect, dynamic compression, sophisticated MIDI support, audio looper, performance recorder, and more.


Key Features


• Ten real time operating synth modules (NO SAMPLED SOUNDS are used):

- Bass Drum: Tune, Pitch, Click, Decay

- Snare Drum: Tune, Tone, Muffle, Decay

- Low Tom (*): Tune, Noise, Decay

- Mid Tom (*): Tune, Noise, Decay

- High Tom (*): Tune, Noise, Decay

- Rim Shot: Tune, Decay

- Cowbell (*): Tune, Decay

- Cymbal: Color, Tone, Peak, Decay

- Open Hi-hat: Tone, Peak, Hold, Decay

- Closed Hi-hat: Tone, Peak, Decay


• NEW! Integrated Audio Looper for tempo-synchronous playback of backing tracks or sampled phrases (iOS 5 only). Sound files can be imported via pasteboard, iTunes, or the Mail app.


• Programmable sequencer with 32 steps and global accent pattern

• Beat clock with tap tempo and rhythmic shuffle (swing)


• Dotted eighth delay effect unit

• Hard knee dynamic range compressor

• Tube amp overdrive effect processor


• NEW! Audio Snapshot Recorder for live recordings (iPad only)


• NEW! Energy-saving Background Audio/MIDI Processing


• MIDI Clock sync/generate

• MIDI Note in/out (GM drum mapping)


• Comprehensive MIDI routing capabilities:

- Connect to virtual MIDI ports provided by apps running in the background

- Connect to nearby iPads, iPhones, Mac OS X and Windows computers

- Connect to compatible MIDI hardware attached to the dock connector


• Wireless MIDI via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi WLAN using Apple’s built-in CoreMIDI network driver

• Wired MIDI using the USB Camera Connection Kit for iPad with class-compliant USB hardware

• Wired MIDI using a Core MIDI interface built for iOS


• Wireless Sync-Start via Korg's WIST


• WAVE file export and extensive sharing options:

- General Pasteboard

- AudioCopy by Sonoma Wire Works

- E-Mail

- iTunes File Sharing


• Including twenty patterns by DJ/producer Myagi (


• NEW! Pattern Shop


• Universal support for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad


(*) Feature not available on following devices: iPhone 3G or older, iPod touch 2G or older



AudioCopy and AudioPaste are trademarks and software of Sonoma Wire Works.

WIST is a trademark and software of KORG INC.

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