MoBeat - Retro Synth


by Lateral View Software


Evolver Review

I like free stuff, and I like synthesizers. Throw in a “retro” qualifier, and you certainly have my attention. To that point, MoBeat certainly isn’t an earth-shattering “synth to end all synths,” but does play cool vintage sounds through an adjustable envelope generator and two separate oscillators. On second thought, maybe I’m most drawn to this app by this disclaimer in the comment section: “Not very easy to make dubstep with this thing.” Thank you. review by Connor McKnight

Publisher's Description

Synthesizer for iPhone and iPod Touch

Mobeat is an iPhone and iPod Touch synthesizer, which can play an almost infinite number of sounds. Mobeat is inspired by a legendary synth of yesteryear.

Mobeat Oscillator Module Include Open Source Code From MobileSynth developed by Allen Porter.

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