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About the name

Blog is short for weblog. As you probably noticed, blogs aren’t that easy to create, so we started Minilogs, for those who want a personal space to express themselves quickly and simply.

Why adopt minilogs

Minilogs is easy to use
No need to register.
Logs are created in a click.

Logs are interactive
Collaborate with friends by adding content or upvoting a link. Play content from hundreds of sources (YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Google Maps, Wikipedia…) directly within your log.

Share anywhere
Each log has its own URL, allowing you to share it with anyone through any media. Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in a click.

Follow anyone
Minilogs finds your Facebook friends for you. Add any user to your Contacts and access their logs easily.

About us

Ever experienced this awkward situation where you want to show your friends an “amazing video” and, as your friends start gathering around you in front of your computer, realize you don't know where it is exactly? So you start searching for it but quickly understand it is not going anywhere, especially since your Internet connection picked this exact moment to have hiccups. Well, we did too, and that's how Minilogs was born.

If you want to know more about us and the things we like, check out our profiles!

We hope you enjoy Minilogs as much as we do!Minilogs is for everyone

Minilogs is a new way to collect and share anything you like on the web.

With Minilogs you can create collections of links, which we call logs. Each log has it's own URL, allowing you to share it easily through any media.

You don’t even have to sign in!

Whether you need to bookmark websites, start a mini blog, create a video playlist or manage a group search, Minilogs will make it easy.

When you feel ready, sign in and discover new features: follow your friends, collaborate on their logs, organize your favorites, and much more.



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