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by Jam Origin


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Turn ANY guitar into a guitar-synthesizer or record tablature simply by playing it.

A demonstration video is available at: www.jamorigin.com/mg

Introductory discount: 75% off WIFI-MIDI upgrade

MIDI Guitar is the world’s first app to transcribe guitar playing into MIDI. The transcription runs in real-time, with latency and accuracy comparable to inconvenient hardware MIDI guitar solutions.

MIDI guitar is based upon new patent-pending polyphonic pitch detection and –prediction technology that can accurately recognize polyphonic signals, such as complex chords or finger-playing with very low latency.

MIDI Guitar use WIFI-MIDI to communicate with digital audio workstations in a frictionless setup, and also connects to other MIDI apps on the iOS platform using Apple’s virtual MIDI standard. 

The user interface is kept very simple with only a couple of controls: There is an option to toggle between polyphonic and monophonic pitch detection and a selector to choose the MIDI output route that connects other gear or apps. A grand piano is included for testing the setup.

In order to use MIDI Guitar you need a iPhone 4 or newer, iPod 4th generation, or any iPad. You also need a guitar interface for best results. We recommend the iRig and are currently testing other interfaces. Using an acoustic guitar with the built in microphone might work for some purposes but is not optimal.

The app is FREELY available for evaluation. WIFI-MIDI and virtual midi outputs is offered as an add-on purchase.


Note that WIFI-MIDI is only supported on the Windows platform via 3rd party apps.

See WIFI MIDI Guide here: http://jamorigin.com/midi-guitar/wifi-midi-guide/


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