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Featured as "New and Noteworthy" by Apple in March 2010, Metron is a popular and accurate metronome which has received great acclaim from amateurs and professionals alike. The brainchild of a classically trained musician, Metron aids in the practice of runs, excerpts and complete compositions. Featuring an intuitive front panel, you can launch and start practicing instantly, just like with any basic metronome. An organized back panel provides single tap access to an ample variety of commonly used time signatures, and also allows you to define new or edit existing sequences, with full access to its powerful and unique features. In addition to the usual single and multiple beat ticks of digital metronomes, Metron offers mixed time signatures with beat grouping and dynamic accellerando and ritardando through a high precision playback engine. A notation based sequencer offers detailed control over tempo and time signature changes, as well as allowing the creation of rhythmic patterns with individual beat sounds and volume control. Metron also incorporates a pitch pipe that can be calibrated to the cent or Hertz. Demo clips and an extensive overview are available on our website. To visit it, click the link that follows this description. Features in detail: Metronome: • Portrait and landscape mode. • Tempo from 1 to 500 Beats Per Minute (nominally, effectively between 0.25 and 1000 bpm). • Option to change tempo by traditional increments. • Accelerando and ritardando ("Variance"). • Specify a factor between one quarter (0.25) and double (2.0) the current tempo. (Useful when practicing sequences which contain tempo settings, or to extend the nominal tempo limits.) • Tap-pad in portrait mode to set the metronome tempo by tapping with a finger, optionally by tapping to the currently playing song. • Accuracy: -0ms/+3ms (0.003 sec). • Maintains accuracy when the screen is locked. • Setlist control. • Optionally allow Metron to keep playing when switching to the background. • Record Metron sessions to audio files and access and manage these files through iTunes. Sequencer: • Create your own library with any number of sequences. A set with the most commonly used time signatures is included by default. • Create sequences with any number of bars. (Each bar can have its own simple or complex time signature. Mix metres and tempi freely. Have accents on any beat you wish.) • Each sequence can set a countdown, a start tempo, a variance and whether the metronome stops at the end of the sequence or repeats the sequence from the beginning. You can also choose to have the countdown repeated every with every repeat of the sequence. • Each bar consists of one or more time signatures and can set a tempo and a variance starting on any beat. A bar can be set to play up to 200 times. • A time signature can have between 1 and 64 beats over a dotted or undotted denominator. (examples: 7/4, 2/8., 9/32, 1/2., 3/1) • A time signature can be subdivided into beat groups, allowing you to set an accent on any beat you wish, since grouping beats affects metronome playback. Metron differentiates between the first beat, stressed beats and unstressed beats, so you always know where in the bar you are. • Each beat in a time signature can be further customised into a rhythm pattern (like triplets or swing, or most any pattern you like). You can assign a custom color, sound and volume to any beat or any rhythmic component of a beat. You are in control. You can keep it as simple as you like, or make it as intricate as you need. • Editing is done in a single staff score, using traditional western music notation. • Create and edit setlists. Pitch Pipe: • Metronome includes a pitch pipe, that helps you tune your instrument. Easily choose any pitch within 9 octaves. The base frequency defaults to "A4 = 440 Hz" but you can calibrate both the base frequency and any octave step for any pitch you may need.

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