meta.DJ for iPhone


by Sound Trends LLC


Publisher's Description


Already a 5 star app on iPad, meta.DJ comes to the iPhone with guns blazing. Just when everything seemed like pretend vinyl, you get an app made for today's digital DJ/producer.

Get a track rolling, throw-in a drum part, go crazy with effects and then slam in a new track - all using the power inside your humble iPhone.

Basic meta.DJ for iPhone is free, and it's spec is below. However, if you do the in-app upgrade to the Full version you will get:

More content

• over 3X's more beats for drumtron

• over 7X's more Presets for SaMPL3R

• 130 more loops in 13 easy-to-use loop sets 

Over twice as many effects

Upgrade to the full version to get High-Pass Filter, Gate, Stutter Loop, Stutter Stepped, Bitcrusher, Flanger, Glitchy Repeater, Reverb, Pan and Compressor

Headphone cue and hardware control

Master your mix with headphone cueing and iDJ Live control using knobs and platters.

This download for meta.DJ for iPhone Free include:

• iTunes library integration

Easily pull in any track from your iTunes library.

• EZ cue/loop presets

Set-up Cue points and Looped regions of your tracks as easy to use Presets. Auto-loop lets you throw in a loop on the fly and work it down to the sub-beat, bounce loop level. Work some effects on your loops to make it rise, then hit the drop.

• Automatic tempo/BPM matching

meta.DJ analyzes your iTunes tracks, shows you the BPM, and can conform tracks to play back at whatever master BPM you select. Or turn it off if you just want the track to play at it's original tempo.

• Two virtual devices - you choose what to use

Add any two virtual devices anytime. YOU decide between Track Decks, drum machines, synth parts and loop-based smart instruments and add them any time in your set.

• drumtron for instant, dynamic beats

A new take on the drum machine built for performance. You control the intensity/energy level of every drum part (kick, snare, etc) to push the mix or make 'em chill.

• SaMPL3R for a sprinkling of synth

Based on grüvtron, you get a smart instrument for getting quick access to arpeggios, bass parts and more in any key at any tempo.

• Looptastic

Mix and manipulate loops using a Looptastic device based on Sound Trends' best-selling loop performance app Looptastic.

• Cool effects under XY pad control

You get EQ, Filter, Delay and Stutter Gate effects, up to four (4) effects per device. Upgrade from the Free to the Full version for even MORE effects.

• Loop store

At the airport and at the last minute wish you had some cool, new House loops? Just go to the in-app Loop Store and select from offerings (some even free) that include loops from indie dance producers and established library companies (like beatport, Sonic Reality, AMG and others).

• Crossfader

'nuff said.


Download For

Purchase PriceMonthly
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 None
The full version costs $4.99 as an in-app purchase; there are also a dubstep-specific version and other options available for purchase within the app.

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