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Menyou is an innovation group based in the UK, Luxembourg and Sweden. Our focus is to provide services that make online sales and distribution of digital media accessible for anyone. We believe that everybody should have the same opportunity to make business on the internet.

Our customers are companies and individuals that want to make a living on their interest or talent.

We believe in fair play in business. The internet market of today is mainly operated by companies with profit as their main interest, Menyou takes another viewpoint, and we always give much more to our users than we earn ourselves. Our model adds value to all.

Our team is dedicated to what they do, and we will continue our progress towards the future with new innovative solutions for publishing and distribution.

The Menyou Android App lets you access your purchased music from anywhere. Just log in (either via Facebook or with your Menyou username and password) and you will be able to stream the music available in your Menyou account directly to your android smartphone. You can also create playlists as well as sync with your local media library and use the Menyou app as your generic music player. 

This is an early release and we would appreciate all and any remarks or ideas you might have on how we can improve the app.

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