Mario and Friends


by Jason Jardim


Publisher's Description

Guys - Lets get this app on the top 25! If you like it please post good things about it somewhere. This can not happen with out YOU. So DIGG it, twitter it, just a blurb - Download URL - How to use: A Button Plays B Button Stops ??? v 1.5 submitted 2/15 - Usually takes 1 week ?? The Full Version has 2.1 Hours of Music ?? Twice as many tracks ?? Added Games ?? Metroid, Metal Gear, and 007 Golden Eye ????? Full Version submitted 2/15 - Usually takes 4 days ???? Please rate this app if you like it. Thanks, and keep the feedback coming! I'm watch it hourly Its a sound board. ? But what makes us stand out is we have packed in 37 Sounds. ? 37 Sounds that total 45 Minutes. These are not the 2 second sound clips. ? 45 Minutes of Mario/ Zelda and Sonic Music ? Mario Music ? Legend of Zelda Music ? Sonic the Hedgehog Music - Enjoy ??????? Remember ?????????? The Full Version has 2x as Much 2.1 Hours!! Simply Amazing Metroid Metal Gear 007 Golden Eye Mario Zelda Sonic ????? Full Version submitted 2/15 - Usually takes 4 days @ User Comments Section (If you want to see your name here please add some feedback - Good or Bad - Doesn't matter - But I prefer Good!" ;) @ Vangodd666 - Metroid Added in Full version - thanks! @ Mr. Grim - Thanks for the good feedback! @ NJBR - Thanks for great feedback! @ XeroAtomsk "This app is confusing and it doesn't even work" - Dev Writes "The App is designed for 3.1.2 - It works perfect!" ??? Morons ??? @ Coop472 Un Mute your Phone - I really don't have time for this... ;) ???????? Disclamer ???????? I'm not going to fool you here, I wrote this to put an end to the iMario's - They honestly were bad sound clips. I am a 30 something gamer who loves the old school games. Please contact me @ for suggetions. I have developed a Full version app to make some $$ on. Is that ok? Sure - and for 99c - sure.. I will add more to the free version, but not as rapidly. My paid 99c app I will update when suggestions come it - So if you don't write me or leave feedback I don't know what you really want. Also look for my NEW Game - Should be fun! I'll update this when it is released. -- JSquared

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