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by Owen Lin


Evolver Review

"This is a basic music player with an attached browser for searching lyrics. The player is at times unresponsive and failed in all tests to provide correct lyrics for the song. Finally, English-speakers beware: it lacks full English support. Perhaps the full version is better, but Lyrics Show Lite fails to impress.--Matt Hausman"

Publisher's Description

Lyrics Show Lite is a lyrics tools which can automatically show dynamic/static Lyrics while you are listening a song.It is so simple, just run Lyrics Show when you are listening a song, Lyrics Show automatically detect currently playing song and show corresponding dynamic/static lyric and move to the correct position. It has the basic play, pause, back to beginning, previous songs, next songs, add songs feature of an iPod music player. It searches lyrics from internet and cache them on your local iPhone, so it will use the saved lyric next time and will be much faster when you listen the songs again. Your current playing song won't stop when you run Lyrics Show or quit it. It automatically show the current album cover as background. You can set the lyric offset if you think it is not correct, just tap the correct row and it will adjust the display instantly, and the most important is Lyrics Show will remember this and you don't need do this again. It show static lyrics if it can't find any dynamic lyrics By default, it pick up the top Lyrics when it gets more than one record from web search result. It also show how many other options on the right bottom button. You can choose another version of lyrics if you think the default one is not correct. Lyrics Show will remember your choices and you don't need do this again. Not all the songs have dynamic lyrics, it seems that people don't like create a dynamic lyric for a non-popular song. But at least we can find a static lyrics instead in most case. This Lite version can only show 2/3 Lyrics.

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