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LongPlay gives you a new way to enjoy music. First LongPlay is a complete and full-screen online music player, intuitive and easy to use. You can search for songs by artist, title or album name, add the songs to your LongPlay library. Create your custom playlists. LongPlay provides a single interface, when you play your music you can display full-screen image of the artist, you can edit the attributes of the song and add a custom image. Enjoys sharing playlists with other online users using "Share" function. You can import playlists shared by other users and share your favorite playlists. What's more, when you hear a song you can see the information about the artist through the last.fm website without leaving the application. Although not worry if you close the application, LongPlay maximizes your device if you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad that supports multitasking, you can play your playlists while you ́re writing an email, looking web pages or enjoying your pictures... LongPlay makes use of different services to get music online. To respect the intellectual property law and copyright, this application does not store the music locally, so it will always be a need for WiFi or 3G connection to use. Of course we recommend for stability and speed, the use of Wifi networks.

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