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LiveView Music Plugin *** Sony Ericsson LiveView device is required for proper work *** *** Important *** I've decided to change a plugin name after reading comments on the market. Some people seem to be convinced that it's not a plugin but the PowerAMP player itself. I believe that my decision will stop such misunderstanding. A simple plugin for LiveView devices. It lets you control any player controllable via headset with LV buttons: - up/down - volume up/down - left/right - previous/next track - select - play/pause - power - clock mode / screen off For PowerAMP, Winamp, PlayerPro and Meridian players: - control via headset must be enabled in player options - scrobbling must be enabled in player options for media info - must be installed (Winamp only) for media info Please contact me if you have any problem. If you cannot see the plugin in the plugin's list, do restart your phone. If you see the plugin twice in the plugin's list, do clear data of LiveView application. If you cannot switch to clock mode or after plugin start you can see nothing but blank screen, you probably have an old firmware installed on your LV device. Please update it with Sony Ericsson Update Service. Every donator is entitled to get an unlock key. The key will unlock exclusive features of all my LiveView plugins.

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