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by KulNova


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A great must-have tool for all serious Bass Guitar players who want to master the fretboard. 


KulBass Scales provides a visual fretboards with full 24 frets to display positions of all notes of the selected scales and their modes. Moreover, for each selected scale, KulBass Scales shows the notes in standard notation sheet with F Clef. User will be able to hear how the scale sounds with real bass guitar sound. 


By default, you have 3 scales of all 12 keys (C, C#/Db, D, D#, Eb, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb, B) 


1. Major Scales, with 7 modes 

a. Ionian 

b. Dorian 

c. Phrygian 

d. Lydian 

e. Mixolydian 

f. Aeolian 

g. Locrian 


2. Pentatonic Major Scales, with 5 modes 


3. Pentatonic Neutral Scales, with 5 modes 


If you like the app, there's a possibility to upgrade with In-App Purchase to get more contains of 


1. More bass guitars: 

a. 5 string bass guitar with low B string 

b. 5 string bass guitar with high C string 

c. 6 string bass guitar 


2. More scales data 

a. Several Minor scales 

b. Augmented scales 

c. Diminished scales 


For more information about the app and its development, please follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/KulBassStudio 


We are also available on Facebook at http://facebook.com/KulBass

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