Karaoke Anywhere Lite


by JoltSoft LLC


Publisher's Description

KaraokeAnywhere is the world's first and only iPhone Karaoke player supporting the industry standard CDG format. KaraokeAnywhere gives you the full experience of Karaoke without requiring expensive equipment or going to a crowded Karaoke bar. The KaraokeAnywhere Song Store features over 40,000 tracks available to download. You now have an infinite song book at your fingertips! Take your singing everywhere with KaraokeAnywhere. Our library features tracks from Zoom, Sunfly, SBI and many, many more. Summary of Features: - The first and only iPhone Karaoke player with full CD+G support. - Record and mix your performances for later playback. There's no better way to show off your vocal skills. - Full headphone monitoring during audio playback. - Preview and purchase songs from the KaraokeAnywhere Song Store. Over 40,000 tracks to pick from. - Widescreen and vertical player orientations. - Sort your library by artist or title to quickly find your song. - Export songs and performances from the application to your computer for backup and playback. - Easily download your purchased tracks (even if you've delete them from the device) from Account page. - High quality MP3 backing tracks. This is the real deal. - Transfer your existing MP3+G ZIP files to the application via Wi-Fi. - Dock your iPhone to sing along while music is played via external speakers. - Portable: All you need is your iPhone and your voice. - Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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