JamUp XT


by Positive Grid LLC


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JamUp, the latest version of its studio-grade, guitar/bass amp-and-effects modeling app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, with massive update and innovative features, it again raises the bar for iOS amp-and-effects apps.

JamUp XT is designed with the JamUp Plug ($19.99, available on Amazon.com), and it works any USB and headset iOS guitar adaptors.

"JamUp is the perfect go to app for mobile devices. I use it for practicing or writing when I'm on tour. And unlike other mobile guitar apps this one actually sounds badass!" - Ola Englund/Feared, Fearedse

“The amp and effects models on offer in JamUp Pro’s smartly laid-out interface are well voiced, with surprisingly full dynamic ranges, consistent output levels across a range of gain levels, and a playability that you have to experience to appreciate.”—Premier Guitar

“If you are after an easily accessible, authentic sounding and feature packed guitar effects app with that vintage vibe, JamUp Pro is just your thing.” - iPadCreative

JamUp comes with 1 amp models and 6 effects, features the “Tone Sharing” platform, 64-slot preset manager, multi-function Phrase Sampler, iTunes Jam player, tuner and metronome. 

JamUp features “Tone Sharing”, which allows users to create, share and download artist and user tones from JamUp’s cloud-based sharing platform. “Tone Sharing” allows you to check out tones created by artists and JamUp users all over the world, you can also check out our exclusive “Staff Picks” and our “Tone of the Month” as well. The tone-creation possibilities of this new platform are virtually infinite.

Introducing the ”Bass Expansion Pack” and ”Boutique Expansion Pack”, with the popular ”Metal Pack”, “Classic Pack” and ”Effect Pack”, JamUp Pro XT now offers the largest collection of amp models and effects available on the iOS platform. Each model is carefully analyzed based on the actual unit and developed via Positive Grid' MESH multi-stage modeling technology, it offers superior articulation and touch-response, with unparalleled warmth and feel.

The modeled sounds are just part of what JamUp has to offer. The word Jam is in its name for a reason: the Jam Player module makes it a snap to import songs from your iTunes library to jam along with. What’s more, you can adjust their tempo and pitch with JamUp’s high-fidelity time-stretching engine.

Then there’s the sound-on-sound phrase sampler, which lets you easily record and layer looped parts. A built-in metronome with tap tempo makes it easy to record along in time. When you get it sounding the way you like, you can save your creation to disk as an audio file, or share it with friends via the web, all from within JamUp.

JamUp features:

- Ultra-low latency Multi-Fx processor & sampler for guitar and bass

- Supports 7 simultaneous amp + effects

- JamUp includes 1 amp, 6 stomps & rack models

- Tone Sharing, to download artist & user presets, or share your own

- Drag and drop signal path for easy tone creation

- Realistic 3D interface for intuitive controls

- Pro-level phrase sampler with undo, start mode selection, synchronized metronome, audio file sharing

- iTunes Jam player to access your iTunes library, with time stretching (pitch/speed) engine, and loop feature

- 64 slot preset manager

- Built-in tuner/metronome

- MIDI controllable preset switch

- Audio Copy/Paste

- Support USB and headset interface


Expansion models (via in-app purchase):

- JamUp PRO Pack

- Bass Expansion Pack

- Boutique Expansion Pack

- Metal Expansion Pack 

- Classic Expansion Pack 

- Effect Expansion Pack


Compatible Adaptor:

- JamUp Plug, iRig, Ampkit and most headset guitar adaptors

- Alesis IO Dock, Apogee JAM, Griffin StudioConnect and most USB adaptors

- JamUp PRO XT supports Griffin Technology StompBox


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iPhone & iPad $0.00 None
This free app requires $20 hardware, and the expansion packs range from $3 to $20.

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