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Whether it’s the retro vinyl sound you crave or the sparkle and vinyl virtuosity you hear in clubs, Vinyl Junkie recreates that unique vinyl sound for your listening pleasure. Recapture the sound and golden age of vinyl on your MP4s through retrology technologyŽ. Here at Vinyl Junkie, we are die-hard fans of vinyl! Although a true analogue sound cannot be perfectly duplicated, we have developed an app that comes as close as possible and far surpasses existing apps on the market. With Vinyl Junkie you can now turn your MP4s into vinyl and your iPod into a record deck. The iVinyl Junkie app randomly picks one of eight sampled vinyl sounds and plays it behind your iPod track, creating the effect of listening to a vinyl record – and taking you instantly back to the lost days of turntables. iVinyl Junkie is produced by live sound engineer Scott A who has worked with artists such as Depeche Mode, Oasis, the Chemical Brothers and more, with contributions from DJ Anjalogica. The override function allows you to play the static crackle sound continuously so you can enjoy the effect with other music apps such as Spotify (which we can’t discover whether a track is playing or not) and DJay. Switch override off and you revert back to the original method – getting your iVinyl Junkie on only if a track is playing in your ipod. Don’t take our word for it! Ask our own Funky Monkey – the official Vinyl Junkie spokesprimate…he’ll tell you all you need to know to get your own monkey on your back and download iVinyl Junkie today.

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