iTunes for Android Sync (WiFi)


by Must Have Android App


Publisher's Description

iTunes sync for Android, fully WiFi, no USB connection required.

*** Currently only 'Windows' Computers are supported ***
*** Simple to Use, & Just $0.99 ***
*** Syncs to SD Card ***
*** Top App in USA, Germany, UK, NZ, FR, Canada, Denmark and 12 more countries ***


Bought a new Android phone?

Is all your songs, Podcasts, videos etc are in iTunes?


Then, Use this 'iTunes to Android' app to move your iTunes playlists, songs, album art, videos, podcasts to your Android phone wirelessly.


Nothing will be changed in computer iTunes. You can continue to use them with 

your iPods.


System requirements:
Windows Computer with iTunes
Android Device
iTunestoAndroid.msi from ( )


One time Setup:
Instructions are explained in the android app setup-wizard.

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Purchase PriceMonthly
Android $0.99 None

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