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by Ben Baron


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iSub Music Streamer lets you stream your personal music collection from your home computer directly to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, regardless of size and format. Compatible with Subsonic and Ubuntu One Mobile Music, this app puts your entire music collection at your fingertips. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this app today!

❋❋❋ Subsonic and iSub were featured in Lifehacker’s “Five Best Personal Media Streaming Tools” article: ❋❋❋


Love it!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this app! It's apps like these that make me very happy I bought an iPad. I really like how this app caches songs. Not that it does it, HOW it does it. I also appreciate having shortcuts to recently played and playlists and lyrics! ... So worth the money... this is the real deal!”

- Deft drummer


Great app!

“...iSub. It is the most complete solution for streaming my HUGE library from home… Not only is the app getting its undivided attention from the developer, but the server is also getting its updates and constantly improving thanks to Subsonic. It makes for a great combination. Try it. Best 5 bucks you'll spend on the iPhone.”

- Dcuellar

You love your music. In fact, you have the biggest collection of albums and individual tunes of anyone you know and you listen to your playlists as often and for as long as you possibly can. Now, thanks to iSub Music Streamer, you’re enjoying your favorite songs everywhere you go, even at work.

This app is an incredible software program that lets you stream all of that music (and even your audio books) from your home computer directly to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad over Wi-Fi, 3G, or even EDGE. There’s no central server to rely on, so you never have to worry about interruptions. It doesn’t matter the size or format of your collection; iSub can handle it thanks to Subsonic’s ability to convert song files as they play.

iSub isn’t just about listening, either. You can easily search, browse or edit your playlists right from you device, shuffle songs and albums, view your latest additions and far more! The current and next song cache automatically as you play, saving you money on your data plan. You can even cache whole albums over Wi-Fi without having to play them, so you can be ready for a long plane ride.

Customize your music experience and make it just the way you want it. Don’t just get force fed music like some other apps.

Check out the amazing features you get when you download iSub Music Streamer:

* Works over 3G!

* Easy to navigate – works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

* Compatible with Ubuntu One Mobile Music service – keep your music on a cloud

* Streams directly from your home computer to your device – never shuts down

* Subsonic automatically transcodes most file formats

* If using Subsonic, can lower bitrate to save bandwidth

* Search your server for albums, artists and songs from the Home tab

* Selections complete with album art and track information

* Skip within tracks while they stream

* Easily see your newest album/song additions, frequently played or recently played

* Shuffle your whole server with the press of a button

* Quick access to current playlist

* Caches current and next song to your device for best performance

* Create custom playlists from your device

* Cache songs when on Wi-Fi without having to play them

* Chat with others on your server

* Save bookmarks

* Offers AirPlay support, Twitter integration and Scrobbling

* Share your music with family, friends and co-workers via the Subsonic web interface

* Helpful direct support is always available via email or Skype

* New Quick Start Guide and FAQ available on website at

* Includes the open source libraries MGTwitterEngine and MGSplitView

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