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Peterson Strobe Tuners popular StroboSoft tuning application for the iPod touchŽ and iPhone™. iStroboSoft™ offers the unmatched accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner for the highest degree of precision available in a software tuning application. Plug in and tune your electrics and acoustics quickly and easily with 1/10th cent accuracy. (External mic required for iPod touch.) Peterson Tuners has offered tuning solutions for over 60 years and is the only company specializing in hardware and software tuning products for all levels of musicians. Features: exclusive strobe display allows you to achieve an unmatched level of accuracy; note/octave window displays the correct note and octave for the note being tuned; cents display allows you to see how far out of tune your note is in cent values; glowing flat/sharp indicators assist when tuning a note very far from the target position; noise filter; input boost; calibration mode; drop/capo mode; full screen mode permits the strobe display to be maximized on screen to allow better viewing from a distance.

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