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iRingtones easily creates iPhone ringtones from your existing music. The application provides a comprehensive user interface so you can squeeze your music just as much as you want to. A simple click and a few drags and drops are all you need to transform pretty much any audio content and import it into iTunes Ringtones playlist so it's ready for your next iPhone sync. • Thousands of free ringtones Create as many ringtones from your favourite tunes as you want and enjoy lifetime free upgrades. It's so easy you'll have a personal ringtone for each of your contact within minutes ! • Widely compatible iRingtones can create ringtones from almost just any non protected file that can be opened with Quicktime (m4a, mp3, aac, mov, avi, flv, etc...) • A track time line you can rely on Featuring a clean, easy, zoomable and always sharp time line to guide you through you tune • Audio effects Easily fade-in and fade-out the intro and outro of your ringtone • Keyboard shortcut and gesture support So you can make very precise selection in no time, iRingtones feature a complete set of keyboard shortcut to help you chomp your song right where you want to. • Friends with your iPhone™ Support for all Edge, 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 models is included. • Sync support Automatically sync your iPhone when you close iRingtones or manually do it when it suits you best from iRingtones • Friends with iTunes™ iRingtones will seamlessly add your freshly created ringtone to your iTunes library so it is ready for your next sync. • Peace of mind iRingtones works on a separate copy from your iTunes library so you will never chop a song by mistake again. • Metadata Friendly iRingtones preserves metadata informations found on your original tune and transfer it to your ringtone automatically, including the artwork !

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