iPlay Audio AirPlay/iTunes


by K Soft


Publisher's Description

iPlayAudio is a lightweight AirPlay / Air Play audio receiver. It will appear in AirPlay applications (such as itunes) as a device you can play music to. It works in the background, streaming music to your Android device.

IMPORTANT: before starting the app, make sure you are connected to a WiFi network.

This is trial version. Need to purchase license once trial expires.


- stream audio from AirPlay clients (itunes, iOS, airfoil, ...)

- run in the background as a service

- configurable speaker name

- can be started on boot

- can mute playback on phone call


- Audio only, no video

- does not play in sync with other Airplay receivers

- does not work with RaopX on MacOS X and the raop module for pulseaudio on Linux

- does not work yet on GoogleTV

Examples of use:

- stream your itunes music to your Android device with Hyperfine Remote for iTunes

- wireless speaker or headset

- recycle older or broken Android devices as a dedicated networked speaker

Keyword: Audio, AirPlay, Air Play, AirPort, Air Port, Air Tune, iTune, Mirroring, RAOP, iOS, AirFoil

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