Headset Droid


by TVK Development


Publisher's Description

Make your headset more advanced

Headset Droid allows you to customise what the buttons on your headphones do and gives you many other headset related functionalities while running in the background with minimal CPU usage.

Configurable click combinations

  • Single/double/triple/quadruple click
  • Single/double/triple click and hold
  • These options work for the play/pause, next and previous button.

Button actions

  • Play/pause, next, previous or stop track
  • Volume up, down or reset and rise
  • Launch app (e.g. Voice Actions)
  • Fast forward or rewind (long press or toggle)
  • Tasker task (search 'Tasker' in the Market)
  • Redial
  • Say time (requires Text-to-Speech)

Audio/volume functionality

  • Target a specific media player to control.
  • Separate volume levels will remember the media volume when (un)plugging your headset and restore it when (un)plugging your headset later.
  • Ear protection allows you to limit the volume level.
  • Volume reset and rise will start where you set it to start and rises based on the long-press delay.

Phone features

  • Option to speak the name or number of the person calling. (Requires Text-to-Speech.)
  • Single click on the play/pause button answers/ends calls.
  • Double click on the play/pause button declines incoming calls and (un)mutes the mic during calls.
  • Triple click repeats the caller name or number. (Requires Text-to-Speech.)
  • The buttons of the 5 above options are customisable.

Extra features

  • Monitor headset activity with timestamps.
  • A widget to quickly switch the targeted media player.
  • Export your settings to your SD card to switch between profiles or to back-up your settings. This function can be found by pressing menu.
  • Execute actions when plugging your headset in or out.
  • Turn on 'Headset (with mic) only' or 'Ignore system clicks' to selectively execute button actions.

If Headset Droid seems to not be responding, press menu and select 'Check for conflicts'.

If no conflicts are found, use the Headset monitor to see how Headset Droid is receiving and handling button interaction.

For further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Apps used to control headset clicks will conflict with ICS's lockscreen music widget due to Android's architecture.

Please use the trial version to check if Headset Droid works without issues with your phone/headset/player. Uninstall the trial before installing the full version.

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