Guitar Note Trainer AE


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"...The best guitar players don't even have to think about which notes they're playing--they just do it. Gain the same fretboard familiarity with help from Guitar Note TrainerAE, an app for your Android device that quizzes you on the locations of notes all over the fretboard. Choose how many strings you'd like to work with at once; you can test yourself on all six (E, A, D, G, B, and E) or just one. You can even choose to work within a certain number of frets on the standard 24-fret neck. So if, for example, you're great within the first five frets but are a little hazy from the sixth through the twelfth, you can customize the quiz to focus on that area only. After selecting your parameters, touch the "X" button at the top right corner of the screen: you'll immediately see a simulated guitar fretboard. A red dot appears on one of the frets, and your job is to figure out which note that fret represents. Pick the note from the buttons at the bottom of the screen (all 12 notes are there), then find out if you got it right. Good luck, guitarist--and keep on learning! The next version will include sound and the options to choose which Color to show the incorrect/correct answers in. If you have any requests shoot an email my way I always answer my emails. Any problems please report them to me"

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