Guitar Instructor Pro


by Okythoos Mobile


Publisher's Description

"Learn how to play your favorite songs on the guitar! Load any MIDI (.mid) or Karaoke (.kar) song file and strum the chords on the light-up virtual guitar fretboard or practise the notes on your own guitar. No need for guitar tabs! => View all notes and possible chord positions from MIDI files => Virtual Guitar fretboard with lightup chord and note positions => Virtual Guitar Instrument sounds (Nylon, Steel, Electric, Jazz, Distortion) => Chord Detection and Chord Name display optimization (Maj,Min,Aug,Dim,Sus2/4) => Support for multiple tracks MIDI file => Tempo Control so you can slow down, pause and practise specific sections. => Seek Control to skip to a specific section of the song => Construct and practise your own chords => Loop trainer for repetitive practise => Display scrollable lyrics for karaoke songs so you can sing along ** App requires Android 1.6+ and SD card ** ** Screen Multi-touch is not supported by all devices. ** Playing notes on Virtual Guitar is not supported by all devices. Please try the Lite version first. ** App response and speed varies across devices."

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