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Scott Snibbe Studio has released Gravilux 2.0 - a complete rewrite of the popular iOS App that was one of the first number one interactive art apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and became a long-lasting bestseller in the iTunes charts.

A highlight of the new version is the new music visualizer that creates gravitational music videos filled with color and stars based on any of the tracks in your music library. Gravilux 2.0 also features a new animated typography module, allowing people to create words and phrases made of stars, and then warp them with gravity and antigravity, distorting, collapsing, and exploding apart. Both new features are available as an in-app purchase as part of Gravilux Plus, and you will see more features added in the coming months.

Gravilux 2.0  makes the entire app experience easier to use with a new clear and elegant iconic interface, including a new color wheel for color animations. A new color algorithm enhances full-color animation of stars based on their speed. And the app has been optimized for new devices, rendering is sped-up,  retina support has been enhanced, and you can now share images via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Version 1.0 description:

Gravilux lets you draw with stars: it’s a combination of painting, animation, art, science, and gaming. As you touch the screen, gravity draws simulated stars to your fingertips. You can tease and twist the particles into galaxies, or explode them like a supernova. You can color the stars by their speed, and play music in the background. Touching the edge of the screen, you can change parameters including gravity and number of stars, and enable antigravity, color, music, or upload to Facebook. Multiple fingers and multiple people can touch the screen at once, collaborating or competing. Gravilux was first released as a work of interactive art by Scott Sona Snibbe that was only available in galleries and museums. Now it’s available as an iPhone and iPad application.

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(only iOS is version 2.0)
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