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Grab radio from over 40,000 Internet and FM radio stations from around the world in the one App! 


Grab, Tag or Shazam songs you hear on the radio and add to your music collection!

Use GrabRadio to listen to your favourite local radio stations and also to keep up to date with the latest music, news and sport from anywhere in the world.

★★★★“...The sheer volume of stations you can access is amazing!”


•Best new business at the Sunday Business Post ‘Out on Your Own’ conference 2009

• 02 App of the week!

•One the few projects to get investment offers on RTE Dragon’s Den* 2010

•Ulster Bank business achievers award finalist 2010

•2010 Appys ‘Best Media APP’ award finalist

•Nokia North America ‘Calling all innovators’ finalist 2011


•Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

•Instant access to 40,000 radio stations worldwide without having to download separate radio station apps!

•Search for your station directly or through specific categories such as Local radio, Talk radio, Sports radio, Music genre, Location, Popularity etc……

•Seamlessly interact with iTunes using the ‘Grab’ button to get that tune you must have!

•Instantly connect to an artist’s YouTube Videos or link to their Facebook, Twitter & MySpace accounts via the ‘More’ button

•Alternatively, use the built-in Shazam feature to identify that track!

•Add stations you like to your favourites list for easy access again and again.

•Tag or Bookmark any song for later, building up that ‘must get’ playlist!!

•Ability to choose different Stream Types depending on 3G or wireless signal strength

•Plays in background while you run other apps

•Fall asleep to GrabRadio with our built in sleep timer

•"Auto-restart". This feature allows the app to automatically restart when network connectivity is lost and then regained.

•Audio buffer setting to smooth out drops and jitter.

•Responds to remote volume controls in headphones and some docking stations.

•Restarts after an interrupting phone call is received and released.

•Playback your favourite radio stations wirelessly on any compatible Bluetooth speaker or amplifier

•Also on any device that supports Apple's "AirPlay" such as Apple TV, speakers connected to AirPort Express, etc.


We pride ourselves on giving the best customer service we possibly can. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or questions or would like to know more about our products and services. We are very keen to hear any feedback you may have to give us!

* "Shazam" is a third-party app that must be loaded on to your IOS device in order for Shazam

functionality to be available, some versions of Shazam can incur a cost.

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iPhone & iPad $2.99 None
Android $3.27 None
Windows Phone $2.49 None

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