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A binaural beat generator intended as an aid to meditation. 

Gnaural is a computer-based binaural beat audio generator intended as an aural aid to meditation. Long available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, Gnaural allows you to use your computer to create and edit your own "presets" - meditation sessions, basically.

Gnaural for Android is strictly a player for Gnaural presets. It can't edit presets other than to turn on/off individual voices. However, it does come with 14 built-in presets, as well as the ability to play presets created using the computer-based Gnaural. The only exception is that if you use Audio File voices in your preset, the audio files must be in WAV format (meaning you will need to convert any files in other formats like OGG or FLAC to WAV, which is easy to do).

Gnaural for Android is a true sound synthesizer, creating and mixing CD quality sound without relying on sound files. Generating live synthesized sound requires a lot of processing power. To avoid audio stuttering, it is recommended that the phone be a recent model running at least Froyo (2.2). However, there are options to lower the processing load by either lower the sample rate (under Preferences) or turning off extra voices.

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