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Spawned in the creative cauldron of Music Hack Day New York over a single weekend, the Gigbeat Android app launched commercially for on the Android platform. Its creator hopes the app will help Android owners get out more.

"Gigbeat's goal is to make discovering live music easier, and the best avenue to do that is on a mobile device [because] you have earphones with you -- that's just an integral part of everyone's life now," said Michael Novak during a demonstration at this week's NYC MusicTechnology Meetup. "[Gigbeat] scans your music library -- or if you don't have any artists, it connects with and SongKick, and can pull down your artist lists."

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After it knows who you're into, the Gigbeat app presents shows for all of your artists plus additional, recommended artists to check out, although the latter only works if you connect with to a somewhat accurate account.

"This is great if you live in a small area where your favorite artists don't come to town that often," added Novak.

The app offers another list of shows happening near your location, and lets you star events to add them to a My Gigs section, which sends you event reminders. Tapping through to a venue brings it up on a map and lets you buy tickets.

Next week, Novak plans to add a new feature to let people check into shows via FourSquare, which will keep a history of the shows you've attended and could allow fans to earn prizes, discounts, or other benefits in return for sharing the fact that they're there. A more polished version for Android tablets is also in the works. review by Eliot Van Buskirk

Publisher's Description

GigBeat helps you never miss another concert by your favorite artist in your town!

GigBeat scans your device's music library and shows you when your favorite artists are on tour and where they will be. Don't have any music stored on your device? That's not a problem, GigBeat offers support for Songkick and accounts so users can login and sync their artists from these services!

GigBeat will also remind you when a concert you've starred is coming up, or notify you when it finds new tour dates in your area for artists you are tracking.

GigBeat is currently fully supported on Android phones running version 2.1 or higher and is compatible with Honeycomb tablets, but a more polished version for tablets is coming very soon.

Feature List:

- Scans your music library for your artists.

- Location based search so you can find out what's happening around you.

- Notifications for upcoming events, or newly added tour dates.

- Link to ticket purchasing via

- Sync tracked artists, events, and locations from your Songkick account. *

- Sync artists from your account. **

- Events from artists recommended by **

* Requires a account.

** Requires a account.

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