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We're what's next for the lolcat generation!


...that's right, just dumb enough to work! GIFSpinner combines the two things that rule the web these days- music + animated gifs. Born out of Startup Weekend Columbus 2012, we're putting a new spin on music. We're making it fun to listen to great music and enjoy your favorite animated gif in an all new giftainment like experience, one we're positive you've never experienced anywhere else.

How's it work?

Simple, jump into a room and sit back at dazzling array of todays hottest animated gifs while the pumping beatz of Soundcloud entertain your soul. Spin a GIF? You sure can, you can add any animated GIF you find on the web- anywhere. You can also add any Soundcloud track as well, some of your own remixes perhaps?

This is entertainment?

Heck yes it is- look the lolcat generation is here, 4chan, reddit, the dancing hamster, that crazy ninja cat, MARU? Hello, wake up and spin some gifs. The sequence of animated gifs to music is memorizing, don't take it from us, look what our users are saying:

"this is a dumb idea"


"my head just exploded, this is a slice of awesome not found anywhere else on the web!"

"I dunno how it works, but it really does"

"I love animated GIFS!!"


Actually we're not, but we are looking for a few good animated gifs so end them our way:

Follow us on twitter: @gifspinner Like us on facebook:

Created by fusion of creative energy and all kinds of crazy by:

Dan Rockwell, Big Idea Guy - @floozyspeak

Patrick Pohler, GIF Wrangler - @patpohler


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