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Geco is one of the easiest and most powerful solutions to interact with MIDI with touchless control. Our custom multi-staged processing engine ensures an extremely low processing overhead and near zero latency, while still providing you with beautiful real-time visual feedback and powerful customization capabilities.Geco has been designed for live performance and quick configuration during rehearsal by industry professionals that have years of experience with high-speed low-latency electronic music and MIDI. Geco doesn't produce or manipulate sound directly, its purpose is to control other MIDI-capable software or hardware.



40 different control streams with both hands

Any control stream can be mapped to MIDI CC, Pitchbend and Pitchwheel messages on 16 different channels

Instantly switch between related control streams by opening or closing your hands

Carefully designed GUI for an immediate overview of the active MIDI mappings

Real-time low-latency visual feedback of your hand movements and MIDI data

Integrated virtual MIDI port on MacOSX, additional freely available software can be used to send MIDI to other applications on Windows

Connects to any known MIDI output port on your computer, for instance hardware synthesizers, on both MacOSX and Windows

Fully customizable user interface (colours, graphical elements)

Flexible document management that can be loaded while performing gestures

High performance and near-zero latency engine with virtually no CPU impact when the real-time visualizations are hidden

MIDI decimation setting to allow integration with legacy hardware that has limited MIDI bandwidth

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Purchase PriceMonthly
Mac $9.99 None
Must have OSX 10.6.8 or higher
Windows $9.99 None
Must have Windows 7 or 8

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