G-StreamPro - Cloud MP3 player


by iZooLu LLC


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"Stream MP3s live from Google Docs with G-Stream If you've been looking for a way to play MP3's from the cloud, then G-Stream is the perfect Android app for you. Keep all of your music in the cloud on a free Google Docs account and then stream mp3s live to your Android phone. G-Stream also supports offline mode to download your MP3's from Google Docs to your local storage. Downloaded MP3's show up in the Android Music application as well. Keep your favorite songs close to you where ever you are.. pick up the G-Steam application now! Benefits - Live streaming of MP3's from Google Docs - Download your MP3's from Google Docs and play offline - Playlist will continue in the background - Create multiple playlists from downloaded songs ** Please note, G-Stream only plays MP3 files. IF you have other media files in your GDocs account they will not show up ** More file format support is coming in new release, including video file formats. **"

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