Frosty SKY Radio


by Frosty Fox


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"...Frosty SKY Radio brings the high-quality 96k SKY Radio streams to your android! SKY features stations such as: Smooth Jazz, Top His Music, 80s, 70s, Oldies, Classic Rock, World, New Age, Country, Dance, Solo Piano, Love Music, and many more! About SKY Radio: is an Internet radio network offering a variety of channels for your enjoyment. It is owned and operated by Digitally Imported Inc out of New York (USA), and yet maintained by various talented individuals located all over the world. *Disclaimer* This application is in no way affiliated with Digitally Imported | SKY Radio company, etc... This android application is 100% FAN-MADE in order to enjoy the electronic sounds Digitally Imported | SKY Radio generously streams for us!"

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